Street workers corporation Potaraka  “Specific Nonprofit Corporation” back to  “Voluntary
Cooperative for homeless people”On December 25, 2003, Eight men together with one Nun gathered in the ruins of a former
factory building in Sumida in quest of an initiative  “What to do we asked” and brainstormed.
Consequently the following year we launched a “Limited company Potaraka” with \ 1 of capital.

Understanding our plight with the difficult task ahead, we were willing to push hard. We needed
to present excuses to the landlord for business stagnation, also reduction of rents. We also had
to construct dwellings in the second floor of the building.

As a matter of fact all our members were below 65 years of age and could not obtain welfare
beneficiaries so it was useful for us to create small accommodations in the premises for the
sake of homeless people thus, we had to plead to the appropriate quarters for rent subsidy. 

With the situation at hand I together with other 12 members decided to create an NPO to
operate small accommodations rather than a Limited Company, but our demand was turned out
by the Ward; for lack of merits, and the consequences of disaster on dilapidated houses.
Therefore we reluctantly accepted the proposal to launch an NPO corporation.

Potaraka Limited Company, CO., LTD has changed its name, representative director transferred
to an acquaintance, and now have a collection of small articles for sales.

Potaraka is back to the the free action that it intended, a “Homeless Cooperative” and is
reinstating as a one union Potaraka.

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サポーター会員募集! ぽたらかの活動に
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野宿者協同組合 ぽたらか
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